1 – Most finances don’t have a pre-penalty payment fee

You can pay it off whenever you want! Do you have extra cash? Got a bonus at work? just sick and tired of the monthly payment? perfect. just pay it off! 


2 – Use other people’s money

Why use your cash to remodel the house? house remodeling is an investment. you better take your cash and make him work and make you anywhere from %5-%10 and use financing to remodel your house. you are improving your house and building more equity. 


3 – Safety net 

Most finance companies guarantee the actual walk and the construction company. It’s a long process for a construction company to be approved by construction financing banks. So you have your peace of mind, that strong banks are also behind this project. Making sure everything happening smoothly and legally.


4 – Not always you have  cash available

Sometimes you are considering a big remodel. Not always have the cash to do the entire project. so what happens is you break down a big project into a few small projects and your cost and headache increase dramatically. Get everything done at once start with a comfortable monthly payment. and always you can pay it off whenever you’re ready.


5 – No difference from car financing

Construction financing is no different than car financing as you already know, no one is buying a car with cash. It’s not make sense because if you can have a comfortable monthly payment and whenever you want you can sell the car and pay it off most of the time with profit. Construction finance is different. You taking financing to remodel your house. You enjoy a beautiful remodeled house. and whenever you’re ready to move on, you sell the house sometimes with a bit of profit and do the same and the new house. 


6 – Tax benefits

Some of the finance banks that we use offer tax benefits. like tax-deductible, payment, or tax-deductible interest rate of course we always recommend all of our customers to consult with a tax advisor as none of us are qualified to give tax advice. but we see a lot of our customers getting beautiful tax benefits from construction financing.


7 – No commitment

What we love about construction financing is that you don’t have any commitment until we fund the project. which in most cases happens on the last steps of the project. which means that at any point you decide that the construction financing is not for you you can always cancel it free of charge and just pay the project in cash or use your Finance.


8 – Low-interest rate and terms.

The benefit of using construction financing is that if we are deciding to remodel stuff that can serve you also as energy-efficient products, we open special access to energy-efficient banks that can offer us an interest rate as low as %3.99 and terms up to 30 years.


9 – No down payment is required if you qualify.

Down payment can be a big issue when it comes to using any type of financing. Sometimes the monthly payments are comfortable for us. However, the down payment is not. the beautiful part is if you’re fully qualified for our programs, we can do a big project with no down payment. That can be a game changer for everyone that comfortable with the monthly payment but doesn’t want or doesn’t have a down payment.


10 –  Great monthly payments.

Choosing a financing option is very important. Especially, when it comes to monthly payments, you want to make sure that the monthly payments are fixed and not going to change. Most of our finance banks are offering fixed monthly payments. And fix interest rates.


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